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SAI MOH AUTO LINKS LIMITED was incorporated on 22nd day of March, 1985 with registration number 020510 (Twenty Thousand Five Hundred Ten) under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956, as a Company limited by shares. The Registered office of the company has been located at C-582, Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura, New Delhi-110034.


The Authorised Capital of the Company is Rs. 52,500,000/- (Rupees Five Crores Twenty Five Lakhs Only) divided into 5,250,000 (Fifty Two Lakhs Fifty Thousand) Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- (Rupees Ten) each ranking pari passu with the existing shares in the company.


The Company get Listed with Bombay Stock Exchange Limited on 15.09.2016 under the Direct Listing Scheme formulated by BSE Ltd. The Company is also listed with Ahmedabad Stock Exchange, Ludhiana Stock and Capital Limited (formerly Ludhiana Stock Exchange Ltd.), Delhi Stock Exchange Ltd.


The Company is currently operating in auto sector and will diversify its business operations for growth and development of business.


Presently, the Company is managed by Board of Directors comprising of One Executive Director ,Two Independent Non-Executive Directors and One Non-Independent Non-Executive Director . The Board of Directors are successful professionals and has the vast experience in running the business of the company effectively and efficiently.

Board of Directors

List of Key Managerial Personnels US 203 of the Companies Act, 2013

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